Friday, March 31, 2006

Mental Health Day

Okay, okay.....

I've been wanting to post, but a) internet connection at new place is sketchy and b) work has been too busy for blogging. So now I am at Starbucks, frantically trying to get some last minute research done for a paper I have to turn in on Monday night and I am finally going to post an update of sorts.

Our New Place - Although it's a mess right now, I think it will come along in the next few weeks. Well, it has to since we are hosting a bachelorette party in 3 weeks! We still need our dining table & chairs, and we are going to buy a couch this weekend. I took the day off from work today (I desperately needed a Mental Health Day) so I was also around for the Gas guy and the Comcast Duo to come and get us up and running. We went the entire week without heat or hot water. Ouch. Thank god we all have other places to shower (gym, boyfriend's apartment). There are still boxes all over the place, but none of us have really been home much during the week to get anything done.

Crush - Last Friday, the night before we moved, I had a going-away party for a coworker. What started as some cocktails after work turned into all-night drinking. No dinner, lots of shots. Which means I was a sloppy drunk. And I was sloppy around the crush. Oops. So who knows what that means.....I'm trying not to concern myself with it right now.

Other Guy - Yes, there is someone other than the crush in my life right now. I've been holding out on you (just for a little over a week). We went out last week for some coffee & sweet treats at my favorite bakery Sweet Mandy B's. And we had date #2 last night over sushi in the West Loop. The weirdest thing about it is that he lives just two streets over from my new apartment. And how did we meet? That is another post week, I promise! But so far, so good. He's cute, very kind, and a Sopranos fan. I have yet to find a reason NOT to see him again. And seeing as I haven't dated anyone in a very long time, I'm a little nervous/somewhat excited about it. He's gone for the weekend, but we'll see what happens....And it's a great way for me to not obsess over my secret boyfriend.

Now I am off to enjoy the rest of my day off! Hopefully our internet will be up and running smoothly soon so I can be a better blogger!

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