Thursday, March 23, 2006

Crush Update (or I have become 14 again)

Work and moving have taken priority in my life these past few days. I haven't time for schoolwork, let alone blogging.

But I thought I should update you on my secret boyfriend.

During the past four days, I've seen him quite infrequently. Pre-crush, I never thought about how little (or how much) I saw him during the day. Now I notice. My friend, who works for the secret boyfriend, sits right near him. Usually I stop by her desk a few times each day. I've been more nervous about going over there lately. She'll IM me, asking me to stop by because she has a question and, before I walk the 50 feet, I stop to freshen up and make sure I look cute.

I'm a dork.

Even so, I really haven't had any interaction with him all week. Today, just before he left for a client meeting (damn, he'll be out of the office tomorrow), I enjoyed a brief flirtation. BRIEF.

I am back in high school again.

What has made the situation so strange is that I can't say anything to anyone. Especially my friend. It's her boss who is my secret boyfriend. And I know that she would be shocked if I told her I had a crush on him.

Fortunately, my upcoming move on Saturday will keep me (somewhat) distracted.


Ripe for Reading said...

Hmm...I think you need a plan of attack! What does he usually do around lunch time? Is there a way you can start interacting with him more...

Best not to involve your friend in this yet as she could potentially take control of the situation (i.e. embarrass you, etc.), but I don't know your friend. On the other hand, she could play a key part in helping you two become an...item...


Sizzle said...

good luck with the move!

crushes are fun. :)

Sub Girl said...

good luck moving--i'm moving this weekend too! i love the feeling of a first crush.