Friday, March 24, 2006

From Trixies to Hipsters

Ahh, the joys of living the apartment life: landlords fixing stuff, little to no committment. Unfortunately, the lack of permanence means renters have to move frequently, which can be a pain. We are moving tomorrow, to a completely new neighborhood, and I am a little nervous. It's quite an adjustment we are making, moving about two miles from where we currently reside. This might not sound far to non-city dwellers, but in City of Chicago terms, that's equivalent to about 20 miles. We are moving further away from some of our friends. Right now, the day before the move, I am having mixed feelings about the situation.

Things I will miss about my old place:
1. My bedroom - I love, love, love my room. At first, I thought it was kind of small and claustrophobic, but I grew to love it. I had a great view and got afternoon sun, which was great on the weekends when I was just lying in bed watching tv. It was the right size and, although the window faced a busy street and was noisy some nights, I adored it.

2. The lady at the cleaners - Everytime I went to the cleaners by my apartment, I was told how pretty my eyes were or how nice I looked. Who wouldn't miss that?

3. Proximity to the lake - We lived right near the lakshore which was absolutely wonderful come summertime. Sure, we could really only enjoy it 3 months of the year, but it was still nice. And we could even see the blue waters of Lake Michigan from our living room window.

4. Favorite dining - I grew to love a strip of restaurants near our apartment, which included a cheap and tasty pasta place, a crepe restaurant, a greasy grill that made some hangover-curing french fries, and a cute little Mexican place that serves up a mean veggie burrito. Sadly, I doubt any of them will deliver all the way to our new 'hood. But I'm pretty sure we'll find some substitutes.

5. Landmark Century Cinema - My favorite place to see movies! It was just a few blocks away from our apartment, so I could walk there whenever I wanted to drop $9 to see a great indie/foreign film. I'll still be able to go there after I move, but it will take a little more planning due to public transportation.

What I won't miss:
1. Riding the bus - Horribly slow and infrequent buses that I had to take to get to work or most anywhere else I wanted to go. We were too far from the El to consider it an option year-round, so we relied on the bus. Or at least we tried to rely on the bus.

2. No dishwasher - I hate not having one.

3. Loud radiators - These are why central air was invented.

4. Riding the elevator - So slow. So annoying when riding with people who insist on taking the elevator to the 2nd floor rather than walking their lazy asses up the stairs.

5. The rude women working at the front desk - Enough said.


Sizzle said...

I hope the move is going smoothly. And just think, you can discover a whole new set of restaurants to love. :)

Sub Girl said...

update about your new place!