Tuesday, March 14, 2006

On the bright side, I had two free meals today

I just got really sad.

Possible reasons for sudden onset of sadness:
1) I'm tired, or at least my body should be tired.

2) Work was no fun today. I got yelled at by someone. There are few things that feel worse than being made to feel like a complete idiot when you're at work.

3) Moving is stressful.

4) My roommate is driving me insane. I keep thinking, only one and half more weeks with her, but her voice right now is like nails on a chalkboard. Sharp, sharp nails.

5) I have to get a cavity filled tomorrow.

6) There is a paper deadline looming. There are many social events looming. I'm having difficulty prioritizing.

7) I still haven't found something to truly make me happy.


daily editor said...

I've got almost 4 months left of dealing with annoying roommates. I'm jealous that you only have a week and a half left! Hang in there.

Sub Girl said...

not even a cupcake?

erin said...

okay...you got me sub girl....the cupcake did make me pretty damn happy.