Friday, March 30, 2007

Happiness is...

-a raspberry latte at 2:30pm on a Friday

-the promise of spring in the slightly warmer temperatures

-expecting a dentist bill of $500+ and seeing that you only have to pay $19.70

-no meetings all day

-the aching in my legs and butt from some great workouts this week

-wearing my hair curly again (no more hairdryer!)

-leaving your credit card at the bar, only to retrieve it the following day and see that you were charged $4.50 (when the bill should have been 5x more)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

There is something about the combination of Sunday afternoon yoga and a beautiful spring day that make me want to do nothing other than just be.

This is the type of day I needed.

Friday, March 23, 2007


I love when my horoscope is spot on:

Feelings of fatigue can encroach upon your ability to meet your most pressing obligations today. You may have a great deal to do and a limited span of time in which to do it, making you feel rushed and generally overwhelmed by deadlines. Combating the resultant tiredness can be as easy as stepping away from your duty roster in order to concentrate on your well-being for a few minutes or an hour. You may discover that after a rest your senses are more sensitive, and you can focus more intently on complex or challenging tasks. As you imbue your schedule with balance today, you will likely once again enjoy the heady rush accomplishment brings.

I guess my moment of relaxation came when I went to Potbelly's. But even that was rushed (as was the eating of the sandwich I purchased). Thank goodness for arriving home with sushi, red wine, and nothing to do.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

a letter to the guys upstairs who make too much damn noise

Dear Upstairs Neighbors,

We've been living beneath you for almost a year now. While most of the time we can coexist peaceably, there are times when the noise you create becomes a bit unbearable for us. Most of the time we hold off on saying anything to you because we don't want to come across as those lame neighbors who can't handle a little noise once in awhile. But it's not just once in awhile.

You seem like reasonable guys. We've partied with you once before and talked to you a few times about the noise factor that floats down to our apartment. In fact, during that late night of drinking in our place, my roommate bluntly told you that the sex you are having with your girlfriends is something we are all too familiar with. We hear it all the time. Throughout the entire apartment. We let you know that it is disrespectful to your girlfriend, to yourself, and to us. Since having that conversation in December, the sex noises have decreased sharply. Perhaps you've broken up with your girlfriends? Or maybe you've discovered a quieter way to get it on? Whatever it is, we do appreciate it.

However, you are still loud. We don't understand how you make so much noise, so we would like to install a camera in your apartment. This camera would allow us to see how you make these noises, which might allow us to better understand why it is you must be so obnoxiously loud everyday. From what we can tell, you guys are constantly dissastisfied with the arrangement of your apartment as it sounds like you are always moving the furniture. Or maybe it is that you are amateur bowlers and are using the kitchen floor to practice when you can't get to the bowling alley.

The third aspect of the noise is identifiable. From our hallway conversations, we've learned that you guys are part of a band. You have invited us to your gigs. We have never attended, most likely because we have our own private performances in the comfort of our living room. For instance, tonight you've been "jamming" for two hours. It's been the same two songs for extended periods of time, and someone is attempting to sing (though their voice is drowned out by the amps you've turned up so loud).

When we moved last year, one of the apartments we considered was above a soon-to-be-opened lounge. We didn't choose the apartment, partially because we didn't want to live above a bar. Instead, we unknowingly chose to live below a blues club/brothel/bowling alley.

We'll be your downstairs neighbors for another year. If you can try and end band practice before midnight on weeknights, we'd be happy. And if you'd also ask your late-night guests to leave a bit more quietly so as we don't wake up to their loud talking and stomping down the stairs, it would be much appreciated.

Next time you have a party - let us know!

The ladies of Apt 2

Have you ever done something stupid at work, and afterwards you just felt dumb?

I am having one of those weeks. I'm just looking for a way to redeem myself.

Have you ever done something stupid at work, and afterwards you just felt dumb?

I am having one of those weeks. I'm just looking for a way to redeem myself.

Monday, March 19, 2007


There has been a pounding in my head for the past few hours. Earlier today I thought I was going to fall asleep at my desk during a conference call. The computer screen not even a foot away from my face seemed like a very distant object (at the time, the preferred distant object was my bed). I woke up a little during lunch, but then a post-deep dish pizza and cookie lull set in. An iced raspberry latte at 4 had no effect. I stayed at work until 9:30 and nothing could keep me going. Rubbing my temples to try and stay focused, while also trying to avoid poking around the stash of food I keep at my desk (there are approximately 25 Pop-Tarts, some cookies and crackers, and about a dozen boxes of cereal to tide me over should I need to stay in my office for 2 weeks straight).

During the cab ride home, I felt as though I'd been trampled by a few dozen screaming children. Head, stomach, back, and knee all hurting in some way. (According to my father's telephone diagnosis last night, I have arthritis in my knee. 25 seems older every day.)

I am falling apart.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

mixmaster sunday

I learned how to rock the turntables today.

Okay, maybe I didn't quite rock 'em, but I did some baby scratching.

So now I'm putting some Technics and a mixer on my wish list.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

my daily five

1. I love the new daylight savings time.

2. I especially like that it is 72 degrees outside.

3. I am loving the fact that my boss let us leave early to enjoy the weather.

4. Trying not to think about the cooler forecast predicted for this weekend, especially Saturday.

5. Because Saturday = St. Patrick's Day = my favorite holiday.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Starbucks vanilla cupcakes are pretty damn good.*
*For cupcakes purchased at a chain coffee shop like Starbucks.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

breakin' 07

SB07 was absolutely fabulous. I forgot how much I like taking vacations. I need to do it more often, especially since I get more vacation time this year (6 more days to be exact). Escaping from Chicago at this awful point when winter seems like it will never go away was perfect. An afternoon/evening in South Beach (I had never been and was completely overwhelmed). Three more days at my friend's place in a cute little beachy town near West Palm. Loved it. Much needed time away from work and snow and cold and overall blah.

Came back depressed? Check.

Tan? Half-check. (Lack of overall sunscreen application on Tuesday made for some redness. Ouch. At least I look like I went somewhere.)

Ready for Spring to finally arrive? Check. I am in total denial that it is not yet warm enough here to run around without boots or gloves or heavy coats. Totally confused by the four days of bare feet, exposed skin, and lots of sunshine on my face.

The weatherman says a warming trend is on the way....

Friday, March 02, 2007

sunshine, here i come

Snow. Cold weather. Dry skin. Wearing my heinous Uggs. Scarves, hats, gloves, and heavy coats. Ice. Unshoveled sidewalks. Wind chills. Slush.

I'm done with winter. It hit me a few weeks ago that it's about time winter should end. I know, despite whatever that groundhog said, we've still got some cold, and possibly snowy, days ahead of us. March is tricky like that. April is tricky like that. Chicago weather is tricky like that.

Yesterday the sidewalks were wet with traces of the overnight thunderstorm and melted ice/snow. This morning they were windswept with snow, and the wind didn't stop all day. I watched out my window at work as the snow flew sideways across my view of the Marina Towers. I didn't leave the office until the end of the day. It just looked so awful outside (it really didn't snow much but the wind made it appear worse than it was).

What better time than now to be going to Florida, right? Four days of sunshine, drinks, and my girl friends. See you next week when I'm tan and depressed to be back in the Too Windy City.