Friday, March 23, 2007


I love when my horoscope is spot on:

Feelings of fatigue can encroach upon your ability to meet your most pressing obligations today. You may have a great deal to do and a limited span of time in which to do it, making you feel rushed and generally overwhelmed by deadlines. Combating the resultant tiredness can be as easy as stepping away from your duty roster in order to concentrate on your well-being for a few minutes or an hour. You may discover that after a rest your senses are more sensitive, and you can focus more intently on complex or challenging tasks. As you imbue your schedule with balance today, you will likely once again enjoy the heady rush accomplishment brings.

I guess my moment of relaxation came when I went to Potbelly's. But even that was rushed (as was the eating of the sandwich I purchased). Thank goodness for arriving home with sushi, red wine, and nothing to do.

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Bev said...

That means this is my horoscope also. And it applies to me also. Interesting.