Monday, March 06, 2006

Piggybacking is okay with me

When we originally set up our internet service over a year ago, we did not opt for wireless in our apartment. We only had one computer, a desktop, and wireless seemed like an unnecessary extra. But in August, when I bought my iBook, I feared that I wouldn't get to use it at home. Would I have to go to Starbucks for some Wi-Fi access? Would I still need to use my roommate's computer which sits atop a mini child's desk?

My fears disappeared when I realized I could tap into unprotected wireless networks in my building. Most of the networks were password protected, but a few were open and almost always available. The signals were best in my bedroom so I did most of my computing from there, occasionally trying out the couch when I needed a change of scenery. In a high-rise like mine, getting into these networks was relatively easy. And it's not stealing per se since the "owners" can still use their service, even when I'm on. (Apparently, some people don't agree with me.)

However, I have been having trouble getting a signal the past few days. I'm afraid one of my open networks has moved out of the building, leaving me high and dry with my computer. Meaning: more infrequent blogging. In the meantime, ff I can get away with it at work, I will. And once we move in April, I vow to actually purchase wireless internet so I don't have to deal with these elusive connections.

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daily editor said...

I say right on with the piggybacking. I have wireless internet at my apartment, which I'm sure other people tap into. At my parents' house, though, they don't have wireless. But their neighbors do--and I may or may not have used it when I was there...