Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Worn Out

Life has gotten revenge on me for complaining about how bored I was at work, how I had absolutely nothing to do all day. For about two months, it was slow everyday. Painfully slow (almost as painful as watching this).

But each day this work has been CRAZY. Run around the office and barely have a moment to think straight crazy. Forgetting to eat lunch until 2:30 and munching on those fantastic choc chip cookies in my desk crazy.

I love it.

I thrive on stress and pressure. I like having fast turnarounds on projects, and I love working on new assignments. What I'm working on now is very new for my company, and that gives me just an added thrill. It's days like these that I get excited about my job and realize that I do love what I do. I wouldn't want every day to be this crazy, but I would prefer a little more stress now and then.

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Me said...

I could not agree more. I love it when my days are crazy. I find that I really get more done on crazy days then on days when I have time to relax a bit. My ability to multi-task increases the bussier I am. If I worked in a boring cubicle I would die.