Friday, January 13, 2006

I Love Technology

After about 6 hours of frustration, swearing, and throwing of remotes, I managed to get our new TiVo to work. So far we've watched a limited amount of television with the new device (purchased thanks to my company's technology allowance), but it was quite thrilling to pause The OC last night when Jill had to tell me a story. Whenever I think about how I will miss an upcoming program due to obligations and activities this weekend, I remember "Oh, I can just TiVo it." Awesome.

It's been a nasty, wet, sleety day in Chicago. Gone are the 50 degree temperatures of Thursday. Friday the 13th brought gross weather so I think we'll stay in tonight (and enjoy our new toy).

Note: Seems strange that the Blogger spell check recognizes "TiVo" and does not recognize "blog".

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Me said...

The speel chech on this thing reely suckss.