Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Today I am a woman

My mother, a teacher, is always telling me she's jealous of my job. I get assorted perks (a $20 Starbucks gift card today, a $100 purse another), am invited to various open bar parties in the city, can drink unlimited amounts of free Diet Coke, and am allowed wear jeans whenever I want.

My office is very casual. Unless there is an important client or sales rep meeting, most of my coworkers arrive everyday in jeans. Sneakers and flip-flops are acceptable. Jorts are not because, well, jorts are never acceptable.

I shouldn't (and won't) complain about the dress code here. It's pretty nice to know that on a day when you're feeling a cold coming on, you can show up to work in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. Or, when it is blazingly hot and humid in July, you don't have to sweat out the commute in a dress shirt or pants.

So even though I can dress casually Mon-Fri, I don't. I wear jeans no more than twice a week. I show up in a skirt at least once. (In the summer, skirts are preferred. Fortunately, tights have made a comeback this year so I am even more likely to show off my legs when it's cold.) I wear a lot of black. All black.

As happy as I am about the evolution of women's denim (not the prices, just the styles), I prefer not to wear jeans all the time. Even when I go out on the weekends, I think about subbing in some nice black pants. But when I do, I feel oddly out of place and overdressed.

In my opinion, there is nothing that makes me feel sexier or more feminine than a skirt. And today, when I am decked out in another black ensemble, knit tights, and kitten heels (seriously, no sexier shoe name exists), I feel like a woman.

p.s. As for men, there is really nothing hotter than a suit & tie.


The Scarlett said...

I hear you on the suit and tie thing. And I love kitten heels even when they are 'out.'

Miss Tanya said...

Hear, hear on both. Kitten heels are never out.

When Mr. Tanya picked me up (well, we met up at a bar) for our first date, he wore a suit. I was impressed. To me, dressing nicely says "I respect you and am happy to be here."