Monday, January 02, 2006

A rainy finale to my vacation

It's a soggy second day of the year. I haven't done much but work out, eat, and read today. And I'm quite uninspired to do anything more than round out that first list of 50 things with a second helping of me, me, me.

51. I like watching Food Network shows about food, not about making it.
52. I've been in the audience of Oprah, The View, and Jenny Jones.
53. I hated ordering from the children's menu when I was under 12.
54. Cops is my guilty pleasure.
55. If you're buying me a margarita, make it an original on the rocks.
56. I think I have a mild obsession with outerwear.
57. My phone is always on vibrate.
58. I own a pair of Uggs, but I think they are hideous.
59. I never had a pedicure before the summer of 05.
60. I think my feet are cute.
61. Pauly Shore never really bothered me.
62. In fact, I kinda like his movies (especially Son-In-Law).
63. I can still sing along with the Care Bears II: The Next Generation.
64. I wish I had traveled abroad during college.
65. I prefer Sweet N Low to Equal or Splenda.
66. I was a runner-up in a Booty Shaking contest on my Spring Break trip to Florida.
67. My favorite kind of sandwich is a mozzarella, tomato, & basil.
68. I like only two flavors of yogurt: raspberry and vanilla.
69. I didn't eat yogurt until I went to college.
70. I didn't eat grilled cheese sandwiches until I graduated from college.
71. I was a lifeguard for six summers at a country club.
72. And I was only certified for four of those summers.
73. My underwear can only be black, nude, or white.
74. I think I've been in love once.
75. Although it is bad for you, I think smoking looks cool.
76. But I don't smoke.
77. The most beautiful place I've ever been was Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
78. The smell of breakfast sausage makes me nauseous.
79. When I was a child, I performed for my family at all major holiday gatherings.
80. My most memorable performance was singing the "Mc D-O-N-A-L-D-S" jingle.
81. I'm a fantastic quesadilla maker.
82. I hate crowds.
83. And I prefer being alone to being with a large group.
84. I once took my shoes off at a bar because my feet hurt so much.
85. I am anal about eating three meals a day.
86. I have never played a musical instrument.
87. But I would have chosen the trombone if I had joined the band.
88. I was in choir for five years.
89. And I was an Alto.
90. I also took drama lessons for four years.
91. Jeri Ryan also studied with my acting teacher.
92. I must have music on when I exercise.
93. And if my batteries run out or my iPod stops working, I stop exercising.
94. I lost the 5th grade spelling bee on "available".
95. I cannot drink rum.
96. Using Sun-In on my hair was the worst beauty decision I ever made.
97. My favorite ice cream flavor is Coffee.
98. Sour Patch Kids are my favorite sugary snack.
99. I prefer sweet to salty.
100. I am a neat freak.

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The Scarlett said...

I did the Sun-In thing when I was in sixth grade. So I had vivid orange hair, then vivid orange hair with what appeared to be black roots (I have a medium-light brown hair).

I've never been to Paris. I found myself scrolling down the listing of famous people buried in Pere Lachaise until I got to Jim Morrison (and I was thrilled to find several of of favorite artists there along the way.)