Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tagged on Tuesday

The Scarlett tagged me (it's my first time!) so here are some random facts about me...

I eat food secretly.
Sometimes I go into the kitchen alone to get food and bring it back into my room without anyone knowing. I did this at my parents' house too. The worst example was on my 19th birthday. I (drunkenly) ordered a pizza for myself, locked my dorm room when it arrived, ate the entire thing, and then unlocked the door. I think there is some weird eating disorder in all of this.

I won the chance to meet Paula Abdul and didn't go.
When I got dressed in the mornings I would listen to the radio and, one day during my sophomore year of high school, I called into the radio show and was on the air (talking about my answering machine's outgoing message). All of the people who were on that day were invited to a private dance thing with Paula. Unfortunately, I had a big swim meet that day and couldn't go. This was all pre-American Idol, of course.

At age 11, I went on an exchange program to France for 3 weeks.
At the time, it didn't seem like a big deal. Now I can't imagine an eleven-year-old
being on her own in a foreign country where she doesn't speak the language. All I could say was "Je suis americaine" (as if it wasn't horribly obvious). I lived with a family while I was there, and my program had about 25 other students from my hometown. I met my best friend during that trip.

I think I am slightly obsessive compulsive, though it's never been diagnosed.
Recently I was watching True Life: I Have OCD on MTV and I think I really might have a mild form. I have routines and little rituals that I have to do. If something isn't the way it's supposed to be, the morning or the day is ruined. And I can't even think about doing something outside of my routine. Not only would it throw me off, but I don't physically think I could do it.

For the first two years I was on the swim team, I couldn't dive.
Little did I know that diving and swimming went hand-in-hand. When I joined the team, I had no idea how to do the former and spent many evenings after practice in the diving well, attempting to throw myself into the water head first. It took me two years to get it right. Before that, I basically jumped into the pool hunched over like a cat. My parents have video proof of this. Thank goodness VHS is becoming obsolete.

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The Scarlett said...

Oh, I remember my first time getting tagged! I actually like it because it takes the pressure off of finding a topic. Nice post!