Thursday, January 19, 2006

Start Spreading the News

I'm moving to New York.

Not today, not this week, or this month. Not even in six months. But, within two to three years, I am moving there.

I had this realization about two weeks ago. When I graduated from college, a lot of my classmates expected me to end up in New York. While I did attempt to look for a job there, coming home to Chicago was a much simpler route, especially when I was a broke, recent college grad. After getting a job that I really liked, I didn't think I'd want to move. But even my best friend was convinced that I wouldn't last in Chicago. "I can still see you moving there, Erin. I give it about three years."

Exactly three years ago today, I moved to Manhattan for a semester-long internship. In the four months that I lived there, I fell in love with everything about the city. Even daily urban annoyances didn't get me down; I found them quite endearing. No matter how smelly or creepy it could be, I became obsessed with the subway system. In fact, I have a soft spot for the smell that rises from the sidewalk grates. I walked whenever and wherever I could. Often I did not have an agenda for the day; I just walked to walk. There was always something to see or something to do. I managed to entertain myself on a severely limited income ($10/day stipend), even while living in a strange community.

Since that semester, I've been back to visit twice. And each time, I fall in love with the city all over again. For me, New York is like a long-distance lover. I think about New York daily: what I would be doing if I were there, how the transportation would be much more efficient than Chicago's (save striking MTA workers), and how I might never be bored. I look at pictures of the city (there is one on my desktop at work and multiple in my bedroom), and I indulge myself in movies and TV shows set in New York. Is it any wonder, then, that I love Woody Allen?

So I'm moving there. I'm waiting a bit, until I get a little more established in my job. There are opportunities to transfer within business units to New York so it's not like I would be forced to quit. And I don't think it would hurt to expose myself to the NY agency lifestyle.

In the meantime, I'll start saving my money.


The Scarlett said...

I love New York. We are 75 minutes away from Manhattan via train and I go there whenever I am able. Our next visit is in February to see Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in The Odd Couple and for lunch out in the city. It takes a lot of money to live there, but I am convinced it is the most exciting city in this country. Save up and I'm hoping you get your dream!

Sweet & Vicious said...

Manhattan is the best 25 miles of land in the world. I hope you get to move here soonn....Thanks for checking out my blog, btw.
Good luck landing that agency gig--you can do it!

stan said...

It is a little expensive here, but it's totally doable. I got a cost-of-living raise when I moved, and it seems like most jobs pay marginally more than equivalent positions in other cities.

Point is, I'm still living paycheck to paycheck and everything seems to balance out.

Ripe for Reading said...

I feel the same way sometimes. I've been a Boston baby for a long time and I hope some day to make it to NY. There's something mysterious about it. Like you have to live there at least once in your life or something.

Sizzle said...

it's great that you have set your sights on that goal!

wendy kay said...

Oh, New York! Le sigh.