Friday, February 24, 2006

Show Me Your Beads!

I'm finding it hard to be at work today. There's not a whole lot keeping me focused, especially because I keep thinking about Hurricanes, parades, and beads.

Mardi Gras, to be exact.

After work tonight, my friends and I are making our way to the Show Me State for some Fat Tuesday festivities. Year after year, my friends in St. Louis invite me to come and I always have an excuse/reason I can't make it. This year, however, we began planning in December and are totally ready for whatever the weekend brings. Since none of us have ever been before, there are no expectations. And I surprisingly know quite a few people who are also going to be down there.

Last night, one of my college friends who is also going to St Louis asked me if I was going to flash my breasts for beads. A hesitant "Umm...I don't know" was my reply. To which he said, "Well if you don't know now, you'll definitely know on Saturday afternoon." Knowing me after a few drinks and with my group of friends, there is a definite chance I could get caught up in the hoopla....

Here's hoping it's not that kind of weekend.

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Me said...

To sum up: Hoopla good; sexual assult bad. Be careful!