Sunday, February 19, 2006

frozen renters (or apartment searching sucks in chicago in february)

It would be our luck that the day we begin looking for a new apartment is the coldest day of the year. Though sunny, it only managed to reach a high of 8 degrees yesterday (with wind chills it was minus 20). We bundled up and trudged around looking at places and killing time in between appointments with cupcakes and coffee. Cold again today as we looked at three more places. Of course, I had to ditch my future roommates because I was needed in the office again (grrr). Though all my work led to a successful new biz pitch, we are crunching numbers again for our newest client. Since I do have the day off tomorrow, I'll stop complaining. But I will most likely be checking out more apartments on my own in the bitter cold.

The whole apartment search is fun, although moving is a pain in the ass. I get excited exploring potential neighborhoods, especially because I am so ready to be out of our current place. There are a few things I will miss: my bedroom, our close proximity to the lake and to my favorite movie theater, and a few great restaurants. But that's the great thing about moving - I'm sure I'll find plenty of new things to love about wherever we end up.


Sizzle said...

i hate the actual labor of moving but i love setting up a new house and exploring hte neighborhood. hope you find a great place!

Sub Girl said...

i envy you...apt hunting is a pain for me and not fun. it's like another job!