Monday, May 08, 2006

wok 'n roll

My legs are still tired from Sunday.

Jill and I woke up early for an MS Walk down in Grant Park. The walk was only three miles which, because we were chatting and listening to the conversations around us, went by quickly. Yet we also had to walk to the train, from the train to the park, from the park to the train, and home from the train. Tack on another mile, mile and a half.

It was a beautiful day. We couldn't have gotten better walking conditions. Sunny, mid-60s, not a cloud in the sky. The walk was along the lakefront and reminded me of the only reason I miss my old apartment. The nice weather made us want to stay outdoors, to do something with our Sunday. We were done with the walk by 10:30; the entire day was before us. Besides, Jill had done absolutely nothing with herself on Saturday and was feeling like she'd been too lazy.

On our walk back to the El, we decided to go to Chinatown because a) we wanted to get lunch and b) it would be nice to go somewhere completely different for food, and c) in my lifetime of living in Chicago I have never been to Chinatown. When we got home, we told our other roommate, Anne, what we had planned. She was on board since she, like me, had never been there.

Some more walking (blue line to red line, around Chinatown).

We found a nice little place to eat and sampled each other's vegetarian entrees. We browsed in the gift shops, jewelry shops, groceries, and other stores. Our last stop was Woks N Things which sold exactly that. To my delight, I found a wok for $11. Anne bought a tea kettle. I marveled at our grown-up purchases. You know you're old when you buy housewares rather than kitschy trinkets in the shops.

Wok in one hand, leftover tofu in the other, we headed back home. I was thrilled with my purchase, though I probably looked somewhat silly walking down Division with a large wok in my hand. Now I just need some tasty stir-fry recipes (send them my way!).

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Sizzle said...

that sounds like a perfectly lovely day.