Friday, May 12, 2006

reasons this week has gone from bad to worse

1. The weather
A constant source of complaint in Chicago. The calendar says May, the weather feels like March. We went from 72 and sunny (Monday) to 48 and rainy (Friday). In a way, Mother Nature is mirroring my mood.

2. Work
It's slow these days, and the only projects I have are these mindless tasks I'm assisting on because there is a large need for my help. I've been working on it for a few weeks now - in fits and starts - and it's miserable. Fortunately, this should be the one and only time I have to do it.

3. Crush
The Work Crush was renewed last week. Yuck. It is now in Stage 4 - he is apparently seeing someone. Although because he was being somewhat secretive about it to my friend at work, she asked me if I was dating him. Weird.

4. Friends moving away
My aforementioned friend, Stacey, had her last day at work yesterday. She's leaving Chicago and moving to New York. Not only am I jealous, I'm very sad. Since the day I started this job, we've been together. She's my little work buddy (I say little because I'm a good seven inches taller than her). We have a lot in common, and sometimes it's scary how alike we are (or how similar our lives have been). She's my favorite person to talk to Monday through Friday. And today, my first day without her, has been so weird. It's not like she's just out for the day. I can tell that this is for real. I actually sat with her for six hours while she packed last night. It's gonna be weird here without her, especially now that we are entering a busy season at work.

My weird mood and the horrible weather is affecting me in all sorts of ways. Craving french fries, I went over to Marshall Field's for lunch and while I was browsing the jewelry department, I heard the "Theme from Love Story". I looked over and saw a tiny, older women sitting at the piano. She was dressed in a pink and purple nylon tracksuit and had on large purple glasses. After Love Story, she played another sad song (which is escaping me right now) and I almost started crying. While looking at earrings. At lunchtime on a Friday.

So tonight I will relax, and possibly watch Breaking the Waves.

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daily editor said...

Oh, my god. I'd say let's hang out and commiserate over martinis if we lived in the same city. Boston has been rainy all week, my mood has plummeted in the past two days, and I nearly cried on the T last night coming home from work. Argh! I'm ready for some warm weather to cheer me up.