Friday, September 09, 2005

A circle is round, it has no end....

Tonight is Jill and my 12 Year Friend-i-versary!

This is the first time we are officially celebrating our friendship (thanks to the idea from our friend Anne), and it's also just a great excuse to have a party. Our friendship is really something to celebrate; I cannot believe we have been friends for twelve years.

Jill & I met in fifth grade. We were in the same Girl Scout troop (#448) and both of us participated in the French-American exchange program through our school. Our "french kids" were friends so over the course of our three-week stay in Montmorency, Jill and I became friends too. When we entered junior high a few months later, our best friends (Angie and Courtney) ditched us for each other. Jill and I were in the same sixth grade class, and the rest is history.

I feel lucky to have met my best friend so early in life. We have shared so many things together and now, after four years of college and 2,000 mile separation, we live together in Chicago. Who would have guessed? (Probably everyone, actually). We are the same person at many times (saying the same thing at the same time, wearing identical clothes, joining the same sorority of which we are now on the local alumnae board). Jill has taught me much and has introduced me to new people, some of whom I now consider close friends.

So after a long Friday at work (after an even longer Thursday), we will celebrate!


Sizzle said...

Yippee! Congrats- best friends are hard to find and keep for the long haul but when it is right, it is right. Definitely something to celebrate. :)

Jenny said...

good times~ i may have to also steal your idea of a friend! what a great gift to have such a good friend to weather the years with...!

Golightly said...

That is an awesome idea, what did you two have planned for the celebration?