Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the uh oh factor (pt 2)

as in "uh oh, i really like A." as in, "uh oh, how do i bring up the 'where is this going' conversation?"

i didn't sleep all that well last night: woke up early and throughout the night due to snoring (his) and cramps (mine). it was the first time we'd slept together in a month and a half. and when i say sleep, i mean sleep/spoon/lay next to each other in some awkward position.

aside from the snoring, i'd missed it. we went out last night to watch some football and just be together. it was me and four of his friends so it's not like there was any alone time at the bar, but i had a great time getting to know his friends better and just hang out. it had been too damn long. as the night wore on, i was sleepy and my buzz was wearing off. i knew i wasn't going to go all the way back to my place when his was a much closer cab ride away. besides, i just wanted to sleep next to him again. it was just like i'd remembered, and it put a smile on my face on this otherwise bland tuesday.

did i mention that i am head over heels for him?

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