Monday, September 18, 2006


there is something about fall.

something a little clearer in the air.

it's a more serious season than summer, but not nearly as mean as winter. it starts out quietly, with days like today: sunny, breezy, mid-60s temperatures. there is football to watch and the last rounds of cookouts to attend. there are layers.

and then the leaves start to fall, slowly and unnoticeable at first because they haven't dried out enough to become crunchy. once the crunchiness starts the leaves, it seems, are everywhere. covering the sidewalks, clinging to shoes and jackets and hair. but most importantly, it's the glow that those leaves give off on a sunny afternoon. the way everything looks golden in late September/early October if you catch the day at the right time.

and it becomes cooler. layers include heavier jackets and summery items get stuffed into drawers or boxes or the back of closets. out come the sweaters, sleeves pulled down around the hands to keep them warm. out comes the cider, the pumpkins, and the costumes (for my favorite holiday).

then, just as november makes its way in, some crazies start talking about winter and snow and white christmases and don't remember to enjoy those last beautiful days of fall.

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