Sunday, September 24, 2006

football in bed

It was one of my laziest days in a long, long time. I did not get out of bed until 4pm. And that's after going to sleep sometime around 5:30 am. And in the words of A, sometimes you just need to be lazy.

And it's so much better being lazy with him.

He came over last night to just hang out since neither of us wanted to go out. We ordered food, watched some bad movies on Oxygen as well as a few episodes of The Cosby Show, and managed to stay up until the early morning hours talking in my bed. We haven't had a night like that....ever.

He told me stories (he has a so many) and prodded me to tell stories. I finally started talking about my family, a sore subject that I rarely discuss even with my closest friends. But I started telling him everything, albeit in the most unemotional way because I didn't want to start crying. Few people ever see me cry because I can't stand exposing my vulnerability. So the only people who see me cry are usually the people who have seen it before. And I am not ready to cry in front of A yet. So I withheld some emotion and tried to tell the story as best I could, stopping myself when I heard my voice waver on the brink of tears.

This morning, when we both semi-woke up around 11:50, we turned on the Bears game and didn't move. There would be no food, drink, or (damn) kissing today because it is the first day of Ramadan and that's what I get for dating a Muslim guy. I managed not to eat or drink anything until he left later in the afternoon, but I'd be a liar if I said the no kissing (or other inappropriate behavior) didn't bother me. I don't think I've ever felt so horny in my life.

When he did finally leave I was happy only because I had homework to do and needed to be somewhat productive with my beautiful fall day. Otherwise, my thoughts drifted to when we would get to spend time together again (damn us for both being so busy all the time), especially a time after sundown.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect, aside from the whole no-nooky-because-of-Ramadan part.

Keep us updated. Uh, obviously.