Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the catastrophe snail

On a recent episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy,, Billy experienced a string of bad luck due to a Catastrophe Snail that had crawled inside his ear. The snail set up shop on Billy's brain, plugging in his computer and wreaking havoc on Billy's life. The Snail got great pleasure out of this. Mandy and Grim finally lured the Snail out of Billy's head and squashed it so that Billy's bad luck disappeared.

I think a Catastrophe Snail planted itself in my head last week, and I've yet to have it removed. I woke up late twice last week on two days where it was imperative that I NOT be late. The first day was last Tuesday when my hotel room alarm clock didn't sound and I had about 25 minutes to get down to the lobby to meet my coworkers. On Thursday, I woke up at 8:58 am. I was supposed to be on a client call at 9. My supervisor wasn't happy. Late twice in one week? I am never late. This weekend I didn't really do much so the bad luck had little opportunity to occur. I was supposed to go out with the New Guy (we'll call him A), but he had to cancel on me. Then Monday night the bad luck popped up again when I accidentally found myself caught up in some drama. I let something slip out to a friend which was damaging to a few other people. Needless to say, the night was downhill from there. I found myself outside a bar getting screamed at by an ex's roommate and had to try and sort things out this morning. I don't do drama and this whole thing has been quite unpleasant. That will teach me to keep my mouth shut.

The only good thing that came out of this past week was my date with A on Wednesday night (although it was the reason I woke up late and hungover on Thursday morning). It was a great first date even though I was utterly exhausted after my business trip. He picked me up via cab (totally out of his way, but chivalry is not dead to him) and we had a romantic Mexican dinner. Then he took me to his favorite bar, a small neighborhood place where he knew everyone and showed great pride in introducing me. Somehow I agreed to going to another bar with him and our Wednesday turned into a Friday night. No complaints though - I had a terrific time with A and cannot wait to see him again.


Maxwell Thomas Wastler said...

Sounds great!

Merideth said...

Watching, waiting, wondering...

what happened with Mr. A?????