Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wacky Thursday

Things that weirded me out today:

- New Coke product: Coca Cola Blak, which is coffee flavored.
This could be good. Could be revolting.

- New Reality Show: Black. White. This six part documentary style series takes the idea "walk a mile in my shoes" and makes it a reality: an African American family with the use of makeup is made to appear Caucasian; and takes a Caucasian family and makes them appear African American. They then live together under the same roof for six weeks. Ice Cube is one of the producers.

- New Nominees: Ying Yang Twins nominated for a Grammy.
They must be struggling to come up with rap artists worthy of nominations. But, seriously, who's going to beat Kanye?

It's snowing a lot outside. A lot. Got to leave early because of the snow. Am glad that I have the day off tomorrow. Although I did want to get some things done and with all this crap on the ground, I don't know if that will be feasible. Grr. My days off from work are all about getting things accomplished. I will feel really frustrated if I can't be productive.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, new in the neighborhood. Just saying hello.

I've added you to my favorites in a folder titled "Fullerton," because that's my spot, and I've been in love with the idea of reading blogs in my neighborhood for about a thousand years. It's reason #823 I moved to Chicago from Akron.

Anyway, talk/comment to you later - I'll be reading!

-Colin Morris