Wednesday, December 07, 2005

7 & 7

I am being forced to stay at work for a reason, although that reason has not been given to me. I also have no formal tasks or projects, so I am wandering around the internet and playing games on my computer while listening to Launchcast radio. I saw this on another blog and, since today is the 7th, it seems appropriate.

7 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Travel to Greece
2. Appreciate my family more (or just the idea of family)
3. Learn how to save money (or, better yet, invest it)
4. Publish something I've written
5. Volunteer regularly
6. Own a home
7. Grow old with the person I love

7 things I cannot do:
1. Do a French braid
2. Stop drinking caffeinated beverages
3. Cartwheels
4. Unwrap a Jolly Rancher with my tongue
5. Drink dark rum
6. Run long distances
7. Whistle loudly (the kind you do with your fingers in your mouth)

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Intelligence
2. Witty & clever sense of humor
3. A nice, full head of hair
4. Taste in music, film, books (this is specific to what I like. Call me shallow, but these things matter)
5. Being taller than me
6. Dark hair/features (please see celebrity crushes below)
7. The way he looks at me

7 things I say most often:
1. It doesn't matter to me...
2. And I go...
3. Thanks Buy Owner
4. Def (short for definitely)
5. Holla
6. Let me know...
7. If ellipses were a word, they would be my most used....

7 Celebrity Crushes:
The new one - Joaquin Phoenix
The traditional one - Brad Pitt
The "if I was forty years older" one - Paul Newman
The sexy surgeon - Julian McMahon
The goofy one - Ashton Kutcher
The New Yorker - Chris Noth
The dark chocolate one - Taye Diggs

7 people I want to do this
I don't think I have seven blogging friends, but if anyone wants to be like me and make their own lists, have fun.

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The Scarlett said...

Yay, I'm the 'another blog!.

I totally forgot about Chris Noth. Love him. He'll always be Mr. Big to me. And Taye Diggs is yummy. I saw him when 'Rent' was first on Broadway.