Sunday, December 11, 2005


I am an easily irritated person. I've been thinking about blogging on my pet peeves, and each time I think about doing so, I start rattling off more and more things that bother me. Not sure what this says about me.

(I think most people would say I am an accommodating person. It's not like I want everything my way all the time, even if I was raised an only child.)

1. Incorrect grammar
This results from living with an English teacher my entire life. I'm not saying that my grasp on the English language is perfect, but there are just too many people out there speaking and writing incorrectly. No, you are not real tired, you are really tired. Spelling is lumped into this one. I'm naturally a good speller. But I know some people aren't quite as talented. That's why spell check was invented. Use it. And for those tricky buggers like "their", "there", and "they're" - if you're 25 and have a college degree, you should know which one to use.

2. Leaving all the lights on when you leave a room.
Waste of electricity.

3. Not pushing in chairs, completely closing drawers/cabinets.
Just pure laziness.

4. People who clearly see you running for the elevator, but don't attempt to hold the door.

5. Loud cell phone conversations on public transportation.
Don't get me started on this one......

6. Talking during a movie.
This should be a LAW. I also once saw a person text messaging during a movie. Appalling.

7. When parents allow their children to run rampant in stores or restaurants. Or airplanes.
Pay attention to your child. That is why you wanted him/her. I don't want your child. I don't care about your child. Please keep them from bothering me while I am shopping, eating, or traveling.

8. People who don't know the slightest thing about current events or geography.
I'm not asking for everyone to know the capital of Iceland or the current debate circulating around campaign finance reform. But not knowing that West Virginia is a state or that Dick Cheney is our Vice President is just plain ignorant.

9. Walkers who do not keep to the right side of the walking/running/bike trail.
This is especially annoying when said walkers stretch out across the whole trail so that it becomes impossible to pass them.

10. People who jump in front of you to get on the bus, but then have to count out their fare in change.
I have a Chicago Card. Wave it and I'm on. Why must you, slow change counter, cut in front of me?

11. When someone finishes food, but then neglects to throw away the package (ex: cereal, bread, crackers).

12. Taking up two parking spots.
I don't drive much anymore, but this one always irked me. Another auto pet peeve: not using a turn signal.

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Sub Girl said...

" When someone finishes food, but then neglects to throw away the package "

guilty of that :( but just this morning--wanted to make oatmeal and reached in the box for the packets but realized there were none! i hadn't bothered to check last time i made oatmeal if i had finished the box.