Thursday, January 04, 2007


I've given up Diet Coke. This time it's for real.

It's been two days. Right around 2pm, I find myself struggling to keep my head above my shoulders and my eyes open. But coffee is still okay, so I think I'll be making more frequent trips to Starbucks. (Hint, hint to anyone wanting to buy me a birthday gift.)

I gave up meat almost five years ago. I think I can do this.

Wish me luck.


Sub Girl said...

oh god i love diet coke. i tried to give it up once too. one of my resolutions is to give up soda entirely. argh. good luck to you!!

noelle feather said...

I know this sounds silly--but I gave up EXTRA salt. I used to put salt on EVERYTHING. From tortilla chips to eggs to tomatoes--you name it. And, I've been going on 3+ months w/out salt.

BUT, I will still eat salted chips, food, etc. I just won't ADD anymore salt to things. :)

Good luck w/the Diet Coke. I'm still hooked on regular Coke. I think Diet Coke is gross. :)