Friday, August 11, 2006

my kind of weekend

i've been looking forward to tonight since monday. no exaggerating. the moment i knew i was going to be home alone this weekend, without any other friends (or A) in town, I got slightly sad then really excited. after three busy weekends in a row, i was really looking forward to a few days of absolutely no plans or obligations. i could do whatever i wanted. what made it especially enticing was the long work week i had. i didn't come home before 8:45 once this week. i barely worked out this week since i was so tired every morning. thursday i dragged myself out for a short run in the neighborhood. but even my favorite friday morning yoga class couldn't get me up this morning.

my plan for tonight was crashing on my couch the moment i got home from work. fortunately, i was able to leave right at 5 tonight. stopped off at the convenience store near my place on the way home, grabbed a bottle of wine (which i plan on finishing by myself tonight), watched cartoons on demand, made dinner, watched mr. & mrs. smith, and now i am getting drunk watching bad music videos. and i couldn't be happier doing anything else.

tomorrow? sunday? no idea. i've got running, laundry, groceries, and possibly a solo trip to the movies (it's been four months since i've gone to see a's time). and i know sunday evening is going to come way too fast.

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