Thursday, April 13, 2006

So Far So Good

After almost two weeks after date #2, the Nice Guy and I went out again last night. We'd both been busy and couldn't find a sooner time to get together. Since we live so close to one another and we are experiencing amazingly warm weather in Chicago, he met me at my place and we walked to dinner (a vegetarian restaurant that is SO delicious). After dinner, we walked and got gelato, which we ate while walking back to my place. The warm weather has brought everyone out of their apartments and on to the streets: shopping, running, dogwalking, and dining and drinking on outdoor patios. When we got back to my building we had the very awkward first kiss and then he asked me if I wanted to go out with him again tonight. Wow - back-to-back dates!

So how did I meet this Nice Guy?

About two months ago, I joined the world of online dating. My roommate had just joined a site and encouraged me to do the same. It couldn't hurt. Maybe I could meet some cool people outside of my circle of friends. And maybe some of these people would turn out to be something more. However, my casual attitude and selectivity has resulted in me only actually going out with three guys. My (now ex)roommate has dates almost every night (she's into the free meals). The Nice Guy was the third guy I met after a series of emails. And I haven't bothered to respond to very many other guys' winks/emails since.

So all is going well. I think we're going to hit the movies tonight (I've really been wanting to see Thank You For Smoking). And maybe he'll stop by the roommate's birthday party tomorrow (and meet my friends).

Meanwhile, I continue to receive the most grammatically incorrect emails from men in the Chicago area. I hope to entertain you with those soon.....


Sizzle said...

isn't it sad how so many people cannot spell or put a sentence together? in this day and age with spell check and everything it just seems kind of. . . lazy. i can't wait to read some of them. i have been getting a few of those myself. highly entertaining if not a bit sad. ;)

this fella sounds nice. i like that he isn't shy about showing he is into you.

i totally want to see that movie (love aaron eckhardt!)- tell me how you like it.

:) sizz

daily editor said...

I think that's rad! I met my boyfriend on an online dating site. We've been together for over a year and a half (not to sound like one of those "success stories" people)! Sounds like you guys are hitting it off nicely. Have fun on your date!

Sub Girl said...

excellent! i've had a semi-success story with online now ex-bf i met online.