Thursday, April 20, 2006

an intersection of entertainment

No more secondhand internet access!

I finally have a real, honest connection.

This is incredible.

It is beautiful in Chicago today, and I wish I had an excuse to be outdoors right now. But after I got off work the only thing I really wanted to do was veg out on the couch, something I don't often have time for. Our front window, right next to the right side of the couch, provides hours of entertainment. We don't really need On Demand and 500+ channels when we've got neighbors. And our new apartment is in much more of a neighborhood than our old place ever was. Kids, dogs, bikes, parking spaces, street fairs (oh, i can't wait!). And it's a diverse neighborhood as well. Multiple languages being spoken. Different age groups: young singles, young couples, older couples, families. Our building is made up of the first group and my roommates and I are the only women. It's much quieter over here. Gone are the restless nights when loud, drunk people wake me with their yelling. Fewer sirens. No more honking. It's peaceful around here. The only thing I hear at night aside from the general noises in our building is the dog next door. And that's rare.

As the weather gets warmer, Chicagoans come out of hibernation. The outdoor cafes are filling up, and there are people all over the streets. We have a back porch now which, once we have some furniture, will be a great place to unwind after work. The spirit of springtime makes me want to stay out until I have to go to bed. When it was colder, I didn't want to do anything after 6 pm. Now the idea of going out is intriguing. In a few weeks it will be mandatory. Since summer seems so brief, the city takes full advantage of the warm and pleasant days (and nights). We attack summer with all our might, knowing that we can recover once September comes around. With that, I think my roommate and I are going to a concert tonight. We are both in need of some relaxation outside the apartment (and with some good music as well).

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The Scarlett said...

Hey Erin. Daniel Vosovic is in Chicago today. Check out BRP for the details.

If you go, send us pictures! And a story!