Monday, October 03, 2005

Self-Worth, Part II

Within a day of writing my last post, I was laughing at myself. For being so ridiculous. For jumping into emotional outbursts. For appearing to cry over a boy (a boy who really meant nothing to me then, nor right now). For ruining a perfectly good evening with a few tears.

Leslie wanted to make sure I was okay on Saturday. I reassured her that I was. I spent the evening with two good friends, neither of whom I had spent time with since graduating college. And that was enough for me to remember what was important.

I have some thoughtful friends. Considerate and caring friends. Loyal friends. Friends that respect me and look up to me. And friends who I admire. I have friends who have known me for over a decade and others I have known only a few weeks. There are friends I see only once every few months (or just a couple times a year), and there are friends I see on a daily basis.

I am lucky to have these friends. Rather than judging my self-worth on the man with his arm around my shoulders, I am going to start thinking about how valuable my friends have made me.

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Sizzle said...

good thinking :)