Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I want to peel my eyes out

That is how tired I am. Exhausted from two late nights (1am Monday and midnight on Tuesday). Then I forced myself out of bed at 6 this morning to go to they gym despite how tired I felt (and how much I just wanted to stay in bed forever). The entire day was spent at work wishing I had a couch hidden away somewhere for a little 2pm nap. And then since it's busy season and I've been leaving work around 6 for fun/drinking/lots of food, I made myself stay until 9:45 tonight.


I need some rest before this weekend....Lollapalooza is going to wear me out.


d said...

we seem to be living very similar lives...except for the appletini's, of course.

that's so john dorian of you kills me.

Thomas said...

Hey from Seattle.