Thursday, August 09, 2007

the hotel life

For those of you who travel all the time, you probably hate it. Waiting on planes. Screwed up reservations. Living out of a suitcase. Eating weird food because you don't really know where to go for a decent meal. Being away from home.

But me? I love traveling on business. I love being away from the normal routine once in awhile, getting to stay at a hotel where (hopefully) everything is clean and someone cleans up after me. Where I can expense everything. And drive a car. Since I don't travel for work all that often, I probably romanticize it more than I should. But honestly, I've just gotten home from 2 days of being out of town and I am hardcore missing the gigantic, white, king-sized sleep number bed with 5 pillows (I love my bed, but it is nowhere as good as the one in the hotel). I took full advantage of the bed's size, sprawling across it as I slept and using every single one of those five pillows. I'm missing the freezing cold AC in my room because my apartment is super warm and my roommates get cold so easily and compromise is a bitch sometimes. Or how about a bathroom where everything was cleaned for me, and my toiletries were arranged so nicely on the counter?

I couldn't do it all the time, living out of hotels and constantly traveling. I know that it would wear on me, that the romantic would wear away and I would just be frustrated when my room wasn't ready or my plane was delayed overnight (to be honest, I drive when I go see my clients which I far prefer).

Maybe we just need a maid.

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Golightly said...

I travel a lot for work and I love it too. I love hotels for the very same reason, but for me it's more because I can live it up on the company dollar - I eat at places I normally cannot afford and stay at the super nice hotels ;)