Tuesday, October 03, 2006

of course, it's tuesday

-I feel like I'm getting sick. I hate being sick. I hate thinking I'm about to be sick. I woke up this morning a bit stuffed up and not wanting to go to the gym. I made myself go. I felt better afterwards. But all day I was sneezing and sanitizing and sneezing. I treated myself to a Jamba Juice because those Berry Fulfillings always make me feel better when I'm sick. And I wanted an excuse to go outside. It was a beautiful 80+ degrees in Chicago on the third day of October. (And I attribute this oncoming sickness to the unseasonable weather. Bah).

-I am having to deal with a very abrasive coworker. I avoid her at all costs. But she needs something from me and I was gently forced into setting up a meeting with her tomorrow. Not looking forward to this....

-It's been three weeks since I found out about my promotion. And I still have NO idea where I'm going and what team I'll be on and I can't tell anyone at work and my raise still isn't effective and I totally need the money.

-I lost my keys. I'm hoping that I left them in my locker at the gym (because I made myself go). Unfortunately, I didn't discover they were missing until I was checking out at the grocery store and the cashier asked me for my Preferred Card. I dug and dug and dug until half my bag was emptied onto the floor and no keys. I gave up. Walked home, arms heavy with groceries yet fingers crossed that one of the roomies would be home. No such luck. I waited 25 minutes before a neighbor let me in and another 40 minutes until one of my roommates let me in. All this with six bags of groceries, almost entirely perishable. I felt like an idiot.

So it was a crummy day, made even crummier when all I wanted to do was go home, lounge around, make dinner, and watch Nip/Tuck. The whole lost key thing, however, totally soured my attitude and put me in a nasty mood. It took food and reality tv to get me out of my funk.

It was nothing like Monday. An uneventful day, for the most part, that began by waking up next to A. I need more of those....

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