Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I hate Tuesdays

I promised myself that I would never do this. Even when it got really bad, I wouldn't stop to think about why this might be a bad idea.

But here I am, blogging at work.

You see, I recently switched accounts and haven't really been given full, 100% responsibility on my new desk. And I am zero percent responsible for my old desk (which is awesome if you knew what that was like). In a nutshell, I have little to do. Especially since my new boss has been really busy and hasn't had time to sit down and fully transition me. And I'm not going to bother her for anything to do.

So here I am, exercising my creative juices while sipping on my tomato soup. Tomato soup which I burned my finger on carrying it back from the micro to my desk.

I dig this short week. In fact, I have lots of short weeks in my future. No complaints there. Tonight I am skipping my Econ class. Maybe I will work out. Maybe not. I will definitely be packing up my stuff for a few days at home and tuning into Nip/Tuck. Then maybe another early night to bed.

For some reason, I'm feeling really antisocial lately. Not so much at work, but at home. I haven't really wanted to just chit and chat with my roommates. Maybe I just need some time away from them. Hooray for the holiday weekend then.

I cannot believe it's time for Thanksgiving and, shortly after, Christmas. So begins a time of year that annoys me. At least until mid-January. But that is for another day and another time. One thing I absolutely hate about this time of year is the cold. Windy and bitter and snow falling. There is nothing Wonderful about it. Miserable, yes. Delightful, no. And seeing as my search for a new winter coat has been fruitless and aggravating, I am even less excited about the belowe 40 temps in the week's forecast.

I feel as though I should get back to work. Or at least, the appearance of working.

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