Friday, June 15, 2007

summer friday

So I am wearing one of these trendy summer dresses that is somewhat loose and billowy. I love it because it doesn't cling (always a good thing). I hate it because that means I feel like I can just keep eating and no one can see my belly expand.

And speaking of bellies, I look sorta preggers in it too.

Time to get a frappucino!

(And despite the title of this post, I am not blogging because I got out of work early or anything....quite the contrary, I am very busy but no one is around and it is 90 and sunny outside and I just keep staring at the boats on the Chicago River wishing I could be out there.)

These are the shoes I wore took me months to find a pair I liked.


Ripe for Reading said...

Dress is cute and shoes are adorable!

Clink said...

Gorgeous shoes, gorgeous dress. And I am EXACTLY the same way about the whole "no one can see my belly in this dress, hmm, pizza for lunch?"

Bev said...

Love the dress, love the shoes. I must be an idiot 'cause I cannot figure out how to post images of stuff I've either bought or want to buy, you know - the way you just did it for this post. Help.

molly said...

Ooh love both. Tried on a dress like that last weekend and decided it was just a little too pregnant looking for me.